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"At Corestrat, we are passionate about risk management. It forms the bedrock of everything we do.”


  • In today’s digital world, companies are faced with increasingly complex and interconnected risks across financial, cyber, data and operational risks 

  • New age risks aren’t detected through traditional tools and cause severe financial and reputational damage, threatening the survival of companies 

  • We can address risk mitigation through integrated risk appetite approach supported by predictive risk analytics 


  • Failure to assess and address risk is the primary cause of company failure 

  • You can promote an alternative destiny for your company ​

  • Not many companies realise it – but every company is in the business of risk 

Corestrat applies integrated risk and machine learning models, to help organisations plan ahead.  

  • Our approach combines validated and data driven predictive models that predict event probability and impact 

  • We seamlessly integrate automated workflow capability to trigger preventive actions to reduce or eliminate the impact of risks to your customers, shareholders and employees.  

  • Our cloud based solution, CoreRule is an advanced predictive analytics solution – empowering companies to take calculated and optimized return decisions. 

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